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More Pretty Desserts at Passion Tree

I was inspired to visit Passion Tree again to taste more interesting desserts (click here to read my first Passion Tree post!). My mission for this visit was to taste their matcha mochi pancake stack, which is one of the most eye-catching desserts in the café. The display of the stack of pancakes with a scoop of ice… Continue reading More Pretty Desserts at Passion Tree

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Delicious Spicy Chicken in Brisbane

Le Petit Paradis is one of my favourite restaurants in Brisbane for both dining-in and takeaway. Their menu is suited for a variety of preferences and tastes, and they specialize in Korean, Japanese and Western cuisines. From on-the-go ham and cheese croissants to a plate of bulgogi, Le Petit Paradis is a favourite place to grab… Continue reading Delicious Spicy Chicken in Brisbane

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Irresistible Desserts at Passion Tree

Passion Tree is a lovely café that is well-known for their pretty and delicious desserts such as cakes, waffles and ice cream, pancakes and ice cream, chocolate fondue and macarons. Passion Tree has a chic, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with pillows and comfy chairs. There are plenty of nice seats, which makes it a great place to meet friends and family. After admiring the… Continue reading Irresistible Desserts at Passion Tree